French Nerds makeup brush cleaner - French Nerds Brush Egg - ​Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

By Keri Picolla | June 15, 2016
Size 4 oz. | Verified Purchase
As a professional make-up artist, I go through a ton of products, especially brush cleaner. I'm a tough critic but I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised on how good this product is. It's really good. I've tried so many brush cleaners and my go-to favorite has to be Parian Spirit. It's citrus based and has a pleasant smell that is left behind on the brush. It also leaves behind a hint of an oily residue that I didn't like but I live with. French Nerds cleanser is fragrance-free, which I really appreciate, sulfate-free and made with natural ingredients. And there's no animal testing which makes me love this company. It cleanses my brushes super fast and really clean. Even my white brushes, which are the hardest to clean, are sparkling white. This cleanser removes all traces of make-up, from the toughest oil, highly-pigmented or kohl-based make-up to the easiest of powders. And the egg-shaped finger-tip egg... what?! I don't know how I lived without this little piece of plastic my whole life. I can't even handle how well this helps get into the bristles without crushing or tearing them. I highly recommend this brush cleaner and its companion. I am obsessed.

By duucfho | June 18, 2016
Size 4 oz. | Verified Purchase
No joke, I used to wash my brushes individually with soap, shampoo, any oil you could think of, even clorox! None of them ever shortened the time I took to wash my brushes like this did. I honestly never thought these things world work and things like the brush cleaner looked like they would never work but this little thing? Oh my god its a dream. I put a dash of soap on my brushes (and I mean a dash) and some water and scrubbed them on the mat and the foundation just washed out so easily. I even cleaned my roommates brushes that she said hadn't been washed in seven months!!!!! Granted hers took a little longer because they were stiff as ever, but it still cleaned them beautifully (her brushes are not pictured). I promise this 100% works amazingly and you will not be disappointed.


By SeaSand August 14, 2016
Size: 2 oz .| Verified Purchase

I have no idea why I haven't this little gem sooner! In the past, I had been using the side of my sink to clean my brushes. This meant smashing them around until the water ran clear. This makes the cleaning so much more efficient and not as hard on the brush heads.I'm proud to say I'm a French Nerds Lover.

By FierceGlamMom | June 19, 2016
Size 2 oz. | Verified Purchase
This brush cleanser is really nice, and does the trick for me and my brushes. I am sure it is not the best one you could ever get but it is for me. I love the smell of it and that a little goes a long way!! Makes the price even better when a product will be longer lasting. The finger silicone glove helps me clean the brushes but isn’t necessary. I think that it is a great product for anyone looking for a good cleanser set on a budget. This cleanser really surprised me, and I think it would surprise anyone. I definitely recommend giving this a try for the price and the quality of this adorable set!! --I received this product on a promotional discount or for free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions and pictures from my own experience with this product. I received no compensation for this review and I am in no way required to give a good review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.--

By Lynda | June 11, 2016
Size 4 oz. | Verified Purchase
I have extremely sensitive skin. Because of this i can't use a lot of brushes, bronzers etc because i break out. Because of this I have always been hesitant to use brush cleansers. others I've tried weren't effective, and/or didn't work at all. Over the years I have tried numerous brush cleansers. I've tried 'natural', 'purifying' high end, low end i tried dish soap like so many others have, I've tried baby shampoo, none compares to this cleanser. This is quicker and far more effective. I have to wash my brushes frequently due to my annoying skin. it works, and its such a great value considering you don't have to use as much as other brands. Super simple, you put a little bit on the brush, and brush your brush under slow running water. Overall, this product is a great value and works wonderfully. I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my honest unbiased review.

By Tinamtc on August 23, 2016
Size: 2 oz. | Verified Purchase

I admittedly do not wash my brushes as often as I should. When I got this, I cleaned every single make up brush that I own (which is way too many -- to my husband's chagrin). It did a fabulous job, and I still have a lot left.