Soft, fluffy, and brand are the first words that pop into my head when I think about my experience. I had old brushes that were on their way out and now they feel completely rejuvenated. The brush egg is wonderful at helping it get a deeper cleanse, while the shampoo is just magnificent and smells amazing. 

Like I said, with a little bit of nerd and a a lot of animal love this brush cleanser is amazing and priced very well. It is definitely worth a try since I cant imagine anyone not enjoying the product.



Being that i am a long time makeup lover and definitely have a strong twist of nerd in me, I just had to look into the brand "French Nerds" when I came across it.

I am a very vegan friendly person and someone that will always veer away from animal cruelty when possible. That being said, it was a major added bonus for me when I decided to try this nerdy brush set cleanser which is 100% vegan. 

I have some older brushes, some synthetic, that are made out of sable hair; I was beyond surprised after using this brush cleanser duo with the brush egg.



French Nerds makeup brush cleaner - French Nerds Brush Egg - ​Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner