In short,

We love makeup

and so do you
Be a French Nerd,


All our lives we live for others,

our granddaddys, teachers,

fathers or mothers.

Be like everyone else

Be like your sister

Be like your brother

or uncle Gulliver

 ​No, I am little odd me 
A whimsical cup of tea
Who I am to you may be absurd
I am just a French Nerd.


French Nerds makeup brush cleaner - French Nerds Brush Egg - ​Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

Who are the french nerds? - CrEATORS of the French Nerds Makeup Brush Cleaner

Starting @ 2009

It all began in 2009; the French Nerds family created a homemade cosmetic brush potion that rejuvenates cosmetic brushes. It worked fabulously on natural hair brushes and synthetic brushes alike. Sharing our “Nerdiest Brush Cleanser” with clients created a grass roots word of mouth campaign for the cleanser. French Nerds decided to never advertise, keep the cleanser price conscious and to never stop innovating.

2009 - Current 
Over the last few years, we have experimented with the technical ingredients, perfecting the response the cleanser has on the brushes hair. Our next project was the effect on the longevity of the brush. Finally, the cleanser needs to give the user a pleasant experience via feel and scent.

Today, because of our customers support and loyalty, we are working on a full French Nerds Cosmetic Brush Line and Makeup wipes. Our launch date is the start of 2017.